I'm Murray Gray. I work on the advancement of sustainable development and driving the Sustainability Revolution. I work with the power of enterprise to drive this change, by helping larger enterprises transform, game-changing startups to grow, and by developing the broader ecosystems that they operate in to enable and accelerate this process.


NOW: What I'm working on right now

Here are the projects I am working on right now.

I currently have some limited capacity for new projects. Get in contact if you'd like to discuss a project.




Enterprise Transformation

Working with a sustainability consultancy, consulting to large scale companies on a transformation to a sustainable and regenerative model of operation; particularly within the food sector..

Sustainability Benchmarking Solution

Developing a sustainability standard and acting as a key architect in the content development of a cutting edge sustainability performance benchmarking enterprise software

benchmark tape.jpeg

Startup Advisory

I'm working with a number of startups addressing grand global challenges around sustainability, specifically focusing on their growth and commercialisation through strategic and analysis.



B Lab Spain: Growth of B Corp movement

I work pro bono helping B Lab Spain to grow the B Corporation movement in Spain.



Sustainable Foundations

Sustainable Foundations is a series of fast-moving, interactive and practical sustainability workshops for modern business.

Launching at New York Climate week on Friday 28th September 2018.

Founded in collaboration with H Bureau.


Ecosystem Research Project

Conducting an ongoing personal research project on city and region level ecosystem development for change-making through enterprise.