I'm Murray Gray. I work to advance the Sustainability Revolution, building solutions to sustainability challenges through business.

I do this through the co-creation, development and growth of new projects and ventures - I’m focused on collaborating with others to build these solutions. I believe that now and increasingly in the future sustainability will be the ultimate driver for innovation.

I help larger enterprises transform, game-changing startups to grow, and look to work more broadly to develop the clusters and ecosystems that they operate in to enable and accelerate this process.


NOW: What I'm working on right now




Enterprise Transformation

Consulting to mid to large scale companies on transformation to a sustainable and regenerative model of operation.

Sustainability Benchmarking Software

Building and commercialising an enterprise software solution that enables businesses to benchmark and improve their sustainability performance.

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B Lab Spain: Growth of B Corp movement

I help B Lab Spain with projects to grow the B Corporation movement in Spain. We’ve recently designed and launched a number of educational initiatives with the purpose of scaling the movement through sustainability professionals and renowned business schools.


Techstars: Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator

I am mentoring on the Techstars and Arcadis smart city accelerator. Ten companies have been selected that pioneer technologies that will revolutionize how we live, work and travel in cities now and in the decades to come. These are innovative solutions that will transform the natural and built environment and improve quality of life. The program runs March to May 2019.


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Mount Crescent

Founded in collaboration with H Bureau, Mount Crescent is a learning platform focused on embedding sustainability into modern business as a form of innovation.

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Ecosystem Research Project

Trying to work out the ingredients to build a cluster / ecosystem that is something like the “Silicon Valley for impact mission driven ventures”.


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Sustainable Living Directory

I’m currently building a fun little side project: a directory to help people moving to new cities undertake a more sustainable lifestyle. Having moved cities twice, I found it challenging to identify the solutions to establish a living model that aligned with my values. Part of this issue is due to fragmentation.