I'm Murray Gray. I work to advance the Sustainability Revolution, and to contribute to the creation of a new economy that is regenerative and inclusive.

I work at the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation and positive social and environmental impact. I do this through the co-creation, development and growth of new ventures creating positive social and environmental impact - helping both larger enterprises transform and ventures for good to grow.

I’m focused on driving transformation across 3 key pillars: helping larger enterprises shift to a more sustainable and circular operating model, helping truly transformative startups to grow, and working to develop broader ecosystems for creating impact to enable and accelerate this process.



NOW: What I'm working on right now



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Generous Minds

Co-owner in the Covestment Cooperative, Generous Minds.

We solve societal issues in an entrepreneurial way. We combine the forces of top experts, experienced entrepreneurs and financiers to create societal impact.

Working to help grow social enterprises and transform larger enterprises to become more circular and societally relevant.

Mount Crescent

Founded in collaboration with H Bureau, Mount Crescent is a learning platform focused on embedding sustainability into modern business as a form of innovation.

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Sustainability Advisor - Veris Strategies

Consulting to mid to large scale companies on transformation to a sustainable and regenerative model of operation.

Sustainability Benchmarking Software

Building and commercialising an enterprise software solution that enables businesses to benchmark and improve their sustainability performance.

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Working as a community leader for SingularityU’s Rotterdam Chapter. SingularityU prepares Global Leaders & Organizations for the Future; exploring the opportunities and implications of exponential technologies and connect to a global ecosystem that is shaping the future and solving the world’s most urgent problems.


Impact Venture Ecosystem Development

Working out the ingredients to help develop a cluster / ecosystem that is something like the “Silicon Valley for impact mission driven ventures” (if that is in fact desirable).

Currently working with a range of parties of identifying and launching the interventions and platforms that will further develop enable these ecosystems to develop.



Exploring the Amsterdam scene.

Deadlifting. Learning kickboxing (fairly non violently).

Acquiring deeper knowledge of impact investing.

Getting to grips with dominant / non-dominant group dynamics (as a member of the ultimate dominant group).

Slowly getting to foundational level Dutch, while trying to keep my Spanish warm.

Expanding my vegan cooking repertoire.

Second hand 90s brand name shirts, maybe previously owned by a range of Wall Street bankers.

Diving deep into the crevices of Spotify niches, creating with some obsession some personal themed Spotify playlists: